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  • Feb
    Catalytic JH 80w co2 laser tube technology analysis

    In sealed lasers, catalytic technology can effectively extend the life of the laser. CO2 at high voltage excitation .The practical application of the laser tube is that the life of the coated catalyst does not exceed 3000 hours, and the service life of the catalyst laser tube is extended to more tha

  • Feb
    JH glass 80w co2 laser tube with baffle manufacturing method

    JH glass 80w co2 laser tube produces optical radiation (light) inside a laser resonator (often referred to as a laser cavity). The optical radiation accumulates inside JH glass 80w co2 laser tube resonator and eventually travels through the resonator's final optical surface (often referred to as the

  • Feb
    Characteristics and Application of Sealed CO2 Laser Tube 100W-180W

    Detection Method of Sealed CO2 Laser Tube In order to obtain high-power and high-quality laser beams to promote strong laser, Jinghang laser has been pursuing fundamental mode operation in its manufacture to provide high-quality beams. In order to avoid many factors such as optical axis misalignment

  • Feb
    Future CO2 laser tube will develop in the following directions:

    ( 1 ) High power transverse flow CO2 laser.High - power cross-flow CO2 laser is used for laser processing and heat treatment. The whole laser is an integrated box. The upper box body of the box body is provided with an integrated discharge chamber, a heat exchanger, a fan system, an inlet and outlet

  • Feb
    Some knowledge you must know about JH glass 150w laser tube

    basic introductionDomestically known as JH glass 150w laser tube, the full name: glass sealed CO2 laser. JH glass 150w laser tube is called a laser tube because it is encapsulated by a glass tube.Working principle: High-pressure discharge triggers a high concentration of co2 gas, producing a 10.6μm



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