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  • May
    JH silicon reflective lens aspects

    The following aspects: 1 Splash type of life mode A certain form of light with a certain face rate and a certain space travel direction is defined as a specific wave type, the selection of the specific beam form, the resonant cavity discussed The specific form is related, for example, the pla

  • May
    JH laser znse lens

    Hello everyone, laser cutting machines are very well understood. Laser cutting is the use of invisible beams to replace the old mechanical knives. Because of its high precision, fast cutting, unlimited cutting patterns, smooth cuts, etc., laser There are many kinds of consumables for cuttin

  • May
    laser focusing mirror manufacturers talk about the types and differences of laser focusing mirror

    Hello everyone, as a laser focusing mirror manufacturer, this issue brings you the difference between each type of Laser focusing mirror. In order to help you accurately select the products that suit your industry, you can refer to the following parameters and choose a suitable product. It is the fi

  • May
    Brief description of Si laser mirrorBrief description of Si laser mirror cleaning method cleaning method

    Brief description of Si laser mirror cleaning method The development of laser technology has driven the development of laser welding machines. In many industries, laser welding machines are used in many industries. Let's look at the laser cleaning methods for laser welding. The laser welding machi

  • Feb
    What are the key factors of laser machine of its chiller and glass red catalytic co2 laser tube

    We know to choose the right laser cooling system can greatly improve the service life of the laser and machining precision, the performance of the laser equipment to play the most incisively and vividly. Laser chiller is a kind of equipment specially used for cooling laser, which can protect CO2 las



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