Jinghang CO2 Application in paper cutting

Laser engraving is the most special is flexible customization, such as: signs, such as sets, street signs, signs, usually is used to laser engraving machine, and JingHang laser tube is the core of the laser engraving machine is the most important parts, as long as you have drawings, can through the computer control, immediately make good samples, greatly improved the flexibility of the enterprise. In addition, laser processing supplies less, the use of clean environment, suitable for environmental protection, can help enterprises save costs, improve production efficiency.


Laser engraving is usually made up of special laser engraving software, Jinghang laser tube, precision machinery and automatic control system, belonging to low-priced high-tech laser products. Laser engraving is mainly carried out on the surface of the object. We could start to carving graphics we need proper handling in ps converted into BMP format, and then open the graphics in the special laser engraving software file, then according to the processing of materials that we want to appropriate parameter is set, and then click run, JingHang laser tube will be according to the effect of lattice graphics file for engraving.


JingHang laser tube is mainly used in wood, double color boards, acrylic logo, text, graphics, the surface of the material such as sculpture, or sheet metal cutting, although JingHang laser tube has been started in the sign industry in recent years, but it has a huge market potential, thanks to the rapid development of the advertising industry, believe in the future, Invesco laser tubes will be used more and more, and even obsolete traditional mechanical equipment one day.


Application in paper cutting

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