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Advantages and Disadvantages of YAG Laser and CO2 Laser Tube

Feb. 11, 2019

Author: 石家庄景航激光科技有限公司

Modify: Dec,16,2021

From: 石家庄景航激光科技有限公司

1. YAG laser output wavelength is 1.06um, which is just an order of magnitude smaller than CO2 laser wavelength of 10.06 um, so it has high coupling efficiency with metal and good processing performance ( the effective power of an 800W YAG laser is equivalent to 3KW CO2 laser power );

2. YAG laser can be coupled with optical fiber, and a beam of laser can be conveniently transmitted to a plurality of stations or remote distance stations by means of a multi-channel system of time division and power division, which is convenient for laser processing to realize flexibility;

3. YAG laser can work in pulse mode and continuous mode. Its pulse output can obtain short pulse and ultra-short pulse through Q - switching and mode-locking technology, thus making its processing range larger than CO2 laser.

4. YAG laser is compact in structure, light in weight, easy and reliable to use, and requires less maintenance, so its application prospect is promising.


YAG laser has the following main disadvantages:

1. Its conversion efficiency is low, only 1 - 3%, which is about an order of magnitude lower than that of CO2 laser;

2. The YAG laser rod has an internal temperature gradient during operation, which will cause thermal stress and thermal lens effect, limiting the further improvement of the average power and beam quality of the YAG laser.

3. YAG laser costs more per watt of output power than CO2 laser.

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