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Industrial CO2 laser light guide arm

Dec. 27, 2021

Author: 石家庄景航激光科技有限公司

Modify: Dec,27,2021

From: 石家庄景航激光科技有限公司

As Jinghang laser, which takes CO2 laser as its research field, making a good light guide arm of CO2 laser in industrial field is the current direction of efforts. The laser accessories of CO2 laser light guide arm include reflecting lens, zinc selenide focusing lens and zinc selenide light splitting lens. The selection and use of these accessories determines the application range of CO2 laser light guide arm. At present, CO2 laser light guide arm is mainly used in medical beauty field and industrial field. CO2 laser light guide arms used in the field of medical beauty are all low-power laser accessories, and their models and styles do not change much. Usually, k9 reflecting lenses and zinc selenide focusing lenses for low power are used for 6 or 7 joints. Jinghang laser can be used as inventory products, and timely quote prices and deliver goods. However, the specifications of the CO2 laser light guide arm used in the industrial field are complicated. Each customer should customize the CO2 laser light guide arm according to their own needs. It is necessary to provide the laser power value, the length of the light guide arm and other numerical values to determine the specifications of the silicon mirror, zinc selenide focusing lens, zinc selenide splitting lens, universal shaft and other accessories. The laser lens of Jinghang laser can use 6000w, that is to say, it is not difficult for Jinghang laser to produce customized CO2 laser light guide arm below 6000 W. Generally, the laser embroidery industry requires four CO2 laser light guide arms with joints below 200w. For the industry of laser cutting plank and acrylic, the CO2 laser light guide arm below 600w is needed. Because this power is not too high, the laser lens can bear it without water cooling, and the CO2 laser light guide arm does not need to be equipped with water circulation. For cutting metals like steel plates, aluminum alloys and other materials, the laser power of 4000w-6000w is needed, and the CO2 laser light guide arm needs to be equipped with water circulation to cool down the laser lens. By reading this article, customers can determine what kind of CO2 laser light guide arm they need. It is best to have drawings, and it doesn't matter if they don't have them.

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