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Development origin of Jinghang CO2 laser light guide arm

Dec. 17, 2021

Author: 石家庄景航激光科技有限公司

Modify: Dec,17,2021

From: 石家庄景航激光科技有限公司

Shijiazhuang Jinghang Laser Technology Co., Ltd. is an entity enterprise focusing on the research of CO2 laser. Its products are mainly composed of CO2 laser tubes, Si mirrors, k9 mirrors, Mo mirrors, ZnSe focusing lenses, Ge focusing lenses, ZnSe spectroscopic lenses, CO2 laser light guide arms and other products. Jinghang CO2 laser light guide arm is also gradually developed. At the beginning of Jinghang Laser, co2 laser tube was the only product of Jinghang Laser. After several years of development, the company has continuously innovated in science and technology, improved the product system, and gradually developed a series of products such as Si mirror, k9 mirror, Mo mirror, ZnSe focusing lens, Ge focusing lens, ZnSe spectroscopic lens and so on. It is on the basis of these products that Jinghang CO2 laser light guide arm came into being at the historic moment. The CO2 laser light guide arm skillfully combines k9 reflector lens,ZnSe splitter lens and ZnSe focusing lens, and completes the export of carbon dioxide laser. It provides a good laser accessory for CO2 laser therapy machine, and clears the way for Jinghang laser to fully enter the medical beauty industry. It prepared the conditions for the good development of Jinghang Laser in 2022.


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