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Application of Jinghang CO2 Laser Light Guide Arm

Dec. 15, 2021

Author: 石家庄景航激光科技有限公司

Modify: Dec,15,2021

From: 石家庄景航激光科技有限公司

Shijiazhuang Jinghang Laser Technology Co., Ltd mainly manufacture CO2 laser tubes, ZnSe focus laser lens, Ge focus laser lens, Si reflecting lens, Mo reflecting lens, k9 reflecting lens, ZnSe splitting lens and CO2 laser light guide arm etc.

Today, we will introduce the application of CO2 laser light guide arm. The CO2 laser light guide arm needs k9 reflector lens, ZnSe splitter lens and ZnSe focusing lens. The quality of the CO2 laser light guide arm depends on the quality of the above lens. At present, CO2 laser light guide arm is mainly used in medical beauty and embroidery sewing industry. The laser equipment in the beauty industry is mainly carbon dioxide laser therapy machine, which can only be produced by obtaining a medical device production license. The embroidery industry is a laser embroidery machine. The carbon dioxide laser therapeutic machine in the beauty industry is supervised by the State Food and Drug Administration, and the requirements for carbon dioxide laser light guide arm are more stringent. As long as the laser embroidery machine can meet the customer's requirements

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