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manufacturer of laser tubes and laser lenses

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       Shijiazhuang Jing Hang Laser Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of laser tubes and laser lenses. Jing Hang Laser is a professional manufacturer of laser tubes and laser lenses integrating scientific research, production, sales and service. The specifications of the laser tubes we produce range from 30 watts to 200 watts. The laser lenses include silicon reflective lenses, molybdenum reflective lenses, k9 reflective lenses, zinc selenide focusing lenses, and germanium focusing lenses

       Not long ago, I went to Cang Zhou City to investigate and understand the customer satisfaction of Jing Hang laser tube and Jing Hang laser lens. I learned that when cutting a refractory material with Jing Hang laser tube 150w, the customer is very satisfied, the speed is 100mm / s, the power is 70% . The customer responded that this has never been faster. The laser tube used in the past was low in power, and the high-power laser tube could not be used. It was very unstable. It was best to use the Jing Hang laser tube 150w. It was very satisfactory and almost one year old. It s still pretty fast. I am also satisfied with Jing Hang laser lenses, with small flare and thin lines.

Knowing these situations, I am very pleased.

        I have nt forgotten my original intentions. Only by doing so can Vision Aviation Laser produce better products for customers and solve laser cutting and engraving problems for customers!


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