Jinghang Co2 laser tube are widely used in the denim industry

Jinghang Co2 laser tube are widely used in the denim industry. Jinghang CO2 laser tubes are used in the final stages of jeans making, enabling manufacturers to reduce the amount of chemicals and water used, as well as the time it takes to make faded, vintage and ripped jeans.

The finishing system of the co2 laser tube supplied by Invesco Laser transfers the grayscale design to the denim surface by changing the intensity of the focused laser beam. The laser beam alters the surface of the fabric, creating shadows, cracks and intricate patterns without damaging the fabric's texture.

Using co2 laser tubes, jeans makers can make a pair of jeans in 90 seconds instead of 20 minutes; This is a significant advantage for an industry facing increased competition and a rapidly growing fashion cycle. In contrast, other surface treatments, such as stone washing and bleaching, can cause problems such as non-reproducible designs, inability to apply designs to different fabrics, and reduced fabric quality after processing, not to mention the toxic chemicals used in these processes.

Ken Lipton, Managing Director of Rofin-Sinar UK, said: "We have been actively supporting the jeans industry for over 15 years in order to make this innovative technology available to market users; "Productivity gains and environmental benefits have led to a significant increase in our business in this market."


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