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What are the key factors of laser machine of its chiller and glass red catalytic co2 laser tube

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We know to choose the right laser cooling system and  glass red catalytic co2 laser tube  can greatly improve the service life of the laser and machining precision, the performance of the laser equipment to play the most incisively and vividly. Laser chiller is a kind of equipment specially used for cooling laser, which can protect CO2 laser tube, YAG solid laser crystal and lamp riot in laser processing. In addition, sufficient and constant inner cavity temperature is the guarantee of stable laser output power, no thermal variation of laser cavity and consistent laser beam quality. So, how to choose the right laser chiller, small series introduced six key factors to help you choose.

Factors one, water quality requirements and water filtration and water circulation system material, this comprehensive index is often ignored, but it is very important, directly affect the life of the laser.

Factor two, refrigerating capacity

1, cooling capacity, as the name implies the actual cooling capacity of the cooling system, is the laser cooling equipment selection index.

2, in general, we can calculate the calorific value of the laser according to the photoelectric conversion efficiency of the laser, and then to choose.

P heat = P laser /. Assuming that the thermal efficiency of glass tube CO2 laser is 15%, the minimum requirement for an 80W laser is 80/0. 15 = 533 w. That is to say, when 80W laser is generated, 533W energy is injected into the laser, and the invalid energy needs to be taken away by the water cooler.

3, we directly according to the laser power input rated power minus the laser output power to determine the cooling capacity of the laser chiller. For example, our common rf laser and solid-state laser will be marked rated full power supply voltage and current, to coherent 70W rf laser as an example, the power input required 48V25A, instantaneous 36A, can be calculated the maximum input power of 1200W.

Third, for  glass red catalytic co2 laser tube , both ends of the lens belong to the flow of dead Angle, it is easy to retain impurities in the water, resulting in poor heat dissipation, the lens microdeformation directly affects the quality of the laser output beam and spot mode.

Factor four, water flow and booster pump head

In general, the capacity on behalf of the compressor but provide refrigeration capacity, and the water flow represents the ability to take away heat, cold water machine which you often see the phenomenon: in the name of the refrigerating capacity of 1000 w cold water machine connected to a 80 w glass tube, cold water machine according to 25 ℃, laser tube is hot; It has to do with water flow.

Factor v. thermal efficiency and water volume

The above two concepts lead to the water cooler thermal efficiency and the concept of water volume, that is, the compressor work control mode and the size of two indicators of the water tank. Generally, the larger the water tank, the better, but in the design of different compressor control mode will be very different. This is the same compressor cooling capacity and water volume, with PID feedback function of the operation control will greatly improve the overall system cooling capacity.

Factor six, temperature control accuracy

This index is completely from the requirements of the laser, the semiconductor laser must be temperature control accuracy 0. 1 ℃, which requires the compressor to predict the temperature change law of adaptive change of load, integrated temperature control module is commonly used in water cooling machine can't do this. Of course for CO2 laser plus or minus 2 ℃ to + / - 5 ℃ temperature requirements, on the market most special water-cooled machine can do.




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