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What are the costs of the 100w Co2 laser tube?

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         The 100w Co2 laser tube is a very complicated instrument, a valuable precision instrument and the core component of the laser engraving machine. The cost of the 100w Co2 laser tube is mainly composed of the following components: 1. 100w co2 laser tube blank 2. Laser lens 3. Electrode 4, water-cooled sleeve 5. Mixed gas 6. Labor cost 7. Depreciation of plant, equipment, etc.

        There are many manufacturers of 100w Co2 laser tubes. There are many differences between the above factors. The cost difference of each cost factor is very large. For the CO2 laser tube blank, there is a difference between the German imported discharge tube and the domestic discharge tube. The mixed gas also has the United States. The difference between German imported gas and domestic mixed gas, the cost difference is huge, not to mention the laser lens.

           For customers, don't blindly pursue low prices, and then cheap 100w co2 laser tubes, laser tube manufacturers have to make money, and some manufacturers can't make money through normal channels, they have a bad idea, please customers. Pay attention to this.


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