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The respective advantages of 80w 100w co2 laser tube

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           80w co2 laser tube and 100w co2 laser tube are the most commonly used laser accessories for laser engraving machines, laser cutting machines, laser marking machines, and they have a relatively large market share. Many customers do not know how to choose 80w co2 laser Tube and 100w co2 laser tube, here we understand the difference between 80w co2 laser tube and 100w co2 laser tube:

        1. First, the length is different

There are two specifications for the length of the 80wco2 laser tube, which are 1250mm and 1650mm, and the length of the 100w co2 laser tube is 1450mm. When selecting the laser tube, the installation length of the laser engraving machine, laser cutting machine, and laser marking machine should be considered. It is possible to choose the wrong co2 laser tube.

       2. Due to different lengths, the power difference between the two co2 laser tubes is also very large

The maximum power of the 1250mm length 80w co2 laser tube can only reach 110w, and the maximum power of the 1650mm length 80w co2 laser tube can reach 140w, so the 1250mm length 80w co2 laser tube is mostly used for engraving and marking, and the 1650mm length 80w co2 laser tube Laser tubes are mostly used for cutting. The maximum power of a 100w co2 laser tube with a length of 1450mm is 125w, which can be engraved and cut.

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