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The main role of 60wco2 laser tube

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        With the wide application of laser cutting machines, the specifications of co2 laser tubes have developed more and more. Co2 laser tube power has been widely used from 30w-200w. Twelve years ago, the 60wco2 laser tube was the main force in the laser tube industry, and its application is the most common. Today we mainly talk about the role of the 60wco2 laser tube.

         1. 60wco2 laser tube is mainly used for laser engraving

The length of the 60wco2 laser tube is 1250mm, the diameter is 60mm, and the maximum power is 90w. At a current of 20mA, the laser tube power is 65w. The light spot of Jing Hang co2 laser tube is small and round, only 5mm, which is very suitable for laser engraving of bamboo slips and wooden products. Co2 laser tube is used in the carving of bamboo slips in Yueyang Lou. If it is convenient for you to wait for Yueyang Tower, you can enjoy it carefully. There are also some arts and crafts that use 60w laser tubes, such as paper cutting. But with the development of co2 laser tube technology, the emergence of more powerful co2 laser tube, 60wco2 laser tube has been replaced, the scope of application is getting smaller and smaller, but the advantages of 60wco2 laser tube still exist, please customers according to their own The requirements determine the specifications of the laser tube.





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