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The difference between silicon reflective lenses and k9 reflective lenses

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         The k9 reflective lens produced by Shijiazhuang Jing Hang Laser Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly used for laser engraving machine. The laser engraving machine mainly uses 30w, 40w, 45w laser tubes. Since the substrate of k9 reflective lens is k9, commonly known as glass, this material It can be used for low-power laser tubes, but not for high-power laser tubes. The demand for k9 reflective lenses is very large. Due to the wide application of laser engraving machines, it is suitable for the engraving of various non-metallic materials, especially the large amount of engraving of the official seal, which leads to the large demand for k9 reflective lenses. Our company's k9 reflective lens is deeply loved by our customers. If you buy k9 reflective lens, choose Shijiazhuang Jing Hang Laser Technology Co., Ltd.

         Shijiazhuang Jing Hang Laser Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of laser mirror silicon reflective lenses. The main specifications of the silicon reflective lenses produced by Jing Hang Laser are 25 diameter and 3mm thick. The silicon reflective lenses are used in various laser engraving machines and lasers Cutting Machine. Silicon is heat-resistant and suitable for high-power laser tubes, especially 80w, 100w, 130w, 180w, 200w, 300w, 400w, 500w, 600w and even kilowatt power CO2 laser tube. Of course, this kilowatt power needs water cooling use. Our company has produced this kind of silicon reflective lens since it was established. It has good surface shape and high use power. The silicon reflective lens is a gold film. The purity of gold is 99999, the purity is very high, the advantage of gold film is the high reflectivity, the reflectivity can reach 96%         

           Shijiazhuang Jing Hang Laser Technology Co., Ltd. actively arranged production during the epidemic to meet customer needs. Disinfection, temperature measurement, and registration of non-resident population are carried out every day in accordance with company requirements. At the same time, the production of laser tubes and organ lenses has not been relaxed. The quality and quantity of production have far exceeded that of the same period last year. The difficulties are temporary. The epidemic is about to pass. Maintain an advantage in horizontal competition. We are still very confident about the advantages of our Jing Hang laser tubes and laser lenses: silicon reflective lenses, molybdenum reflective lenses, k9 reflective lenses, zinc selenide focusing lenses, germanium focusing lenses. It is hoped that various laser engraving manufacturers will strongly support our Jing Hang Laser Company. We are also willing to develop together with laser engraving machine manufacturers and laser cutting machine manufacturers for mutual benefit and development together in this economically depressed 2020.




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