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The difference between silicon reflective lens and molybdenum reflective lens

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            There are two kinds of reflective lenses in the laser lens produced by Shijiazhuang Jing Hang Laser Technology Co., Ltd. One is silicon reflective lens and the other is molybdenum reflective lens. Reflective lenses are mainly used in the laser cutting machine and laser engraving machine to reflect the laser light. Generally, a laser machine needs three reflective lenses. Some of these three reflective lenses use silicon reflective lenses and some select molybdenum reflective lenses. Because these two kinds of reflective lenses have different costs, different processes, different prices, and different effects, we are here to mainly talk about the differences between them. The material of the molybdenum reflective lens is molybdenum, which is a metal material. The molybdenum needs to be polished, and no coating is required after polishing, so the process is simple and the production is easy, but molybdenum and oxygen in the air are easily oxidized, reducing his reflectivity. The oxidization will be rusty and rusty after a long time. Because the customer has relatively low requirements for molybdenum reflective lenses, he will not use it for particularly high-power laser tubes. This leads to that if the molybdenum reflective lens is rusted, the customer should use sandpaper to polish it, polish it, and continue to use it. Therefore, in the minds of customers, molybdenum reflective lenses are used for a long time and are durable.

The silicon reflective lens is the opposite of the molybdenum reflective lens. The material of the silicon reflective lens is silicon. It cannot be used after polishing silicon. A gold film needs to be plated. Because gold is expensive, it leads to high cost and high price of silicon reflective lenses. The gold film can play a role of high reflectivity. However, due to insufficient maintenance of silicon reflective lenses, customers even used the wrong method. Wipe with medical alcohol, resulting in residual water. In this way, it is easy to peel off the film. The use conditions of silicon reflective lenses are stricter than those of molybdenum reflective lenses. Therefore, in the minds of customers, silicon reflective lenses are not as durable as molybdenum reflective lenses. This silicon reflective lens is mainly used in high-power laser tubes, such as 180w laser tubes or 200w laser tubes. The material he cut is relatively thick and requires high reflectivity.




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