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The application of Jinghang co2 laser tube in the advertising industry

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The most special point of laser engraving is that it can be customized flexibly. For example, the production of signs, image sets, road signs, signs, etc., laser engraving machines are usually used, and the Jing Hang CO2 laser tube is the most important core component of the laser engraving machine. As long as there are drawings, you can control the computer and make samples immediately, which greatly improves the flexibility of the enterprise. In addition, the laser processing consumables are small, the use environment is clean and hygienic, suitable for environmental protection, which can save the enterprise cost and improve production efficiency.

Laser engraving is usually composed of special laser engraving software, Jing Hang CO2 laser tube, precision machinery and automatic control system. It is a low-cost high-tech laser product. Laser engraving is mainly performed on the surface of an object. We can first process the graphics we need to engrave in ps and convert them into bmp format, then open the graphics file in the dedicated laser engraving software, and then set the appropriate parameters according to the materials we want to process. Then click on the run, the Jing Hang CO2 laser tube will be engraved according to the lattice effect produced by the graphic file.

Jing Hang CO2 laser tube is mainly used for the surface logo, text, graphic engraving of wood, two-color board, acrylic and other materials, or the cutting of thin metal plates. Although the Jing Hang CO2 laser tube has only begun to develop in the advertising sign industry in recent years, However, it has huge market potential, which is attributed to the high-speed development of the advertising industry. It is believed that in the future, the use of Jing Hang CO2 laser tubes will be more and more, and even in the future, the traditional mechanical equipment will be completely eliminated.




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