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Talking about the disadvantages of co2 laser tube inflation

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        The Co2 laser tube is filled with carbon dioxide gas. During the use of the CO2 laser tube, the gas is slowly consumed until the end of consumption, and the life of the co2 laser tube ends. In order to reduce costs, some customers and co2 laser tube manufacturers have joined forces to re-inflate the end-of-life co2 laser tube

         Some unscrupulous merchants even use the second inflated co2 laser tube to pretend to be a new co2 laser tube for sale on the market. This is a form of deception. The quality of the secondary inflated co2 laser tube is unstable, seriously jeopardizing the rights and interests of customers. 

        We recommend that customers do not buy a secondary inflatable co2 laser tube, but this is a small cheap, please take a look at the co2 laser tube trademark when buying, buy a brand of co2 laser tube, this behavior of the second inflation of the co2 laser tube It is a small co2 laser tube manufacturer, the laser tube is not good, it is difficult to survive in the laser tube market by earning these small money.


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