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Some knowledge you must know about JH glass 150w laser tube

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basic introduction

Domestically known as JH glass 150w laser tube

, the full name: glass sealed CO2 laser. JH glass 150w laser tube is called a laser tube because it is encapsulated by a glass tube.

Working principle: High-pressure discharge triggers a high concentration of co2 gas, producing a 10.6μm laser.

Structural component

It consists of three parts: hard glass, cavity and electrode.

1. Hard glass part; this part is composed of GG17, which is made into discharge tube, water cooling sleeve, gas storage sleeve and rear tube. A sealed CO2 laser typically has three casing structures. The innermost part is the discharge pipe, the center is the water net sleeve, the outermost layer is the gas storage casing, and the rear pipe is used to connect the discharge pipe and the storage pipe.

2. Cavity section: This part consists of the entire mirror and the output mirror. The reflector of the cavity is usually based on the optical glass, the surface of the gold film, the reflectivity of the gold film reflector is more than 98% near 10.6 μm; the output reflector of the resonator usually uses the infrared material Ge (Ge) which can radiate 10.6 um radiation. production.

3. Electrode part: CO2 laser usually adopts cold cathode and has a cylindrical shape. The cathode material has a great influence on the life of the laser. The basic requirements of the cathode material are: low sputtering rate and low gas absorption rate.

Laser power is the most important basis for laser power. The current models are: 15W, 25W, 40W, 60W, 80W.

Different power laser tubes are mainly divided into lengths. If the 60W laser tube is 1200mm or 1250mm, the 80W is usually 1600mm.

JH glass 150w laser tube are mainly used in Co2 laser processing equipment. Laser engraving machine, laser cutting machine, laser marking machine, etc.

JH glass 150w laser tube performance and considerations

1. Life: Since the JH glass 150w laser tube is a consumable item for the laser engraving machine, the service life is the main shopping index of the user. The difference in life cycle is mainly due to processing technology, and design technology is the main factor. The typical domestic JH glass 150w laser tube has a working life of about 1500 hours (60W).

2. Laser energy: JH glass 150w laser tube with different properties, the maximum intensity of light is different.

3. Spot quality: This performance is determined by the laser tube mode. The quality of the site is determined by the production process. The quality of the plaque directly affects the user's performance.

4. Stability: poor product performance, easy to leak and stable, non-external due to explosion and other issues.

The difference between a laser tube and an exotic co2 laser is:

Domestic glass lasers are basically the same as imported lasers. The appearance, structure, service life and performance are very different. In terms of price, the same power, imported laser is dozens of times the domestic laser. (The same life span is also very different, imported co2 laser can be repeatedly inflated, domestically used as a disposable glass laser tube), so domestic glass lasers are recognized by domestic and foreign customers for their low cost and economy.


1. Must be used under good circulating water cooling conditions.

2. Reliable and reliable laser power supply.

3, the wiring should be reliably insulated


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