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Sales of co2 laser tube in Alibaba

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         Last year, Jing Hang co2 laser tube began to use the platform of Alibaba. After one year's expiration, Jing Hang laser Company did not renew the fee. The reasons for not renewing the fee are as follows:

        1. Alibaba's sales platform is not suitable for co2 laser tube products. The co2 laser tube is a glass product that is fragile and requires a large amount of delivery. A single co2 laser tube is not safe during transportation. Alibaba's principle is fragmentation, customers are retail investors, co2 laser tube purchases are too small, there is no way to transport safely.

        2, Alibaba's ranking is similar to the Taobao rule. It takes too much time to manage the store. Otherwise, the Jing Hang co2 laser tube product can't be displayed on the homepage. This is because the cost is not suitable. It is better to optimize the company's official website and let him Appeared on Google's home page, after comparing, we gave up Alibaba.

        3, the use of Alibaba does not bring a large number of customers, the use of Alibaba in terms of income is not appropriate. Just to promote the effectiveness of advertising, but also spend a lot of time and money, it is better to make the official website to the Google home page.


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