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On the Importance of ZnSe Window Lens in Co2 Laser Tube

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        Carbon dioxide laser is more and more widely used in the industrial field. As an important laser light source of carbon dioxide laser, co2 laser tube is used more and more widely because of the low cost of using co2 laser tube. Jinghang Laser, as a co2 laser tube manufacturer, combined with years of experience in co2 laser tube production, talk about the importance of co2 laser tube zinc selenide window lens in the production of co2 laser tube.

        First of all, zinc selenide window lens is an important accessory for co2 laser tube, there is no substitute.

The working principle of the Co2 laser tube has been explained in many articles by Jinghang Laser. I don’t need to talk about it here. After understanding the working principle of the co2 laser tube, I know how important the zinc selenide window lens is for the accumulation of laser energy. . The previous co2 laser tube window lens uses germanium material, which results in low power of the co2 laser tube and short life of the laser tube. Since the zinc selenide window lens is determined, the quality of the co2 laser tube has been greatly improved. The power of Co2 laser tube 30w, 40w, 45w, 50w, 60w, 80w, 100w, 130w, 150w, 180w, 200w are increased by 10%-30% in turn. There is no substitute for zinc selenide materials.

       2-057_看图王Secondly, the setting of zinc selenide window lens parameters is particularly important

There are many manufacturers of Co2 laser tubes, and everyone knows that the window lens should use zinc selenide materials, but the quality level of each co2 laser tube varies greatly. The main reason is that the parameter setting of the zinc selenide window lens is unreasonable, which leads to the co2 laser The quality level is not high. Jinghang Laser has solved this problem after years of research in this area, and Jinghang Laser Tube has been well received by customers.


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