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Laser tube lens cleaning

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Laser tube are relatively easy to absorb dust, so we need to pay attention to the cleaning of the laser tube, especially the dust on the laser tube lens.

1. Contaminants: fine dust or floc

Assuming that there are only a few fine dust or flocs, the air ball can be used to blow off the surface contaminants. Remember not to use the tight air used in the factory, which will form an absorbing film on the surface of the lens.

2, fingerprint pollutants

Assume that there are fingerprint-like contaminants, you can use alcohol to wipe quietly, be sure to avoid rubbing hard, as soon as possible across the surface is conducive to the evaporation of liquid, do not leave streaks. It is recommended to use reagent grade alcohol, a cotton swab with a paper handle or a high quality surgical cotton ball.

3, oil drops, saliva

You can use a small cotton ball to dip the acetic acid and use a small force to wipe the surface. Excess white vinegar is wiped off with a dry cotton swab. Immediately wipe the surface with a cotton swab or cotton ball with alcohol to remove residual acetic acid.

4, a serious splash

For heavily contaminated lens, use a polishing paste, apply 4 drops of the polished polishing paste onto the cotton ball, and wipe with the weight of the cotton ball, thus avoiding the scratch of the lens by the polishing paste. When the polishing is stopped, try not to stay in the center for too long. Assume that there is a change in color, and immediately stop the wiping.




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