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Home » News » Laser lens for laser engraving machine

Laser lens for laser engraving machine

Views:0     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-06-28      Origin:Site

         The laser lenses for laser engraving machine are germanium focusing lens, zinc selenide focusing lens, k9 glass reflective lens, the diameter of the focusing lens is 12mm, the focal length is 50.8mm, only the material difference, one is germanium, the other is zinc selenide . K9 glass reflective lens is 20mm in diameter. Here mainly explain the difference of focusing lens of laser engraving machine, k9 reflective lens does not explain much.
         As the name implies, the main difference between germanium focusing lenses and zinc selenide focusing lenses is the material, germanium and zinc selenide. These two materials are different in the production process of focusing lenses: the price of germanium is higher than that of zinc selenide, but the processing cost of germanium is lower than that of zinc selenide, but the production quality and performance of the two The difference is that the quality of germanium materials is more stable. Unlike the production factors of zinc selenide materials, the quality grades of zinc selenide materials are sometimes different. Of course, what materials customers need depends on personal preference.








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