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Jinghang CO2 laser tube anti-freezing measures in winter

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Too low temperature in winter will cause some damage to the laser equipment, if used improperly, it may cause serious damage to the core components of the laser equipment and can not be recovered! So, today we will take a look at jinghang C02 laser cutting machine in the winter how to deal with antifreeze.

Jinghang laser tube

Jinghang co2 laser tube is water-cooled, and we'd better control the temperature at around 25 degrees, because the energy is the strongest at this temperature.

Anti-freezing measures of CO2 laser cutting machine in winter

In fact, the laser tube in winter and summer anti - freeze anti - high temperature is very important. In winter, when the laser tube does not work, if the water in the tube is not put clean, it will cause the cooling layer of the laser tube to freeze and expand, expanding and splitting the laser cooling layer, resulting in the laser tube cannot work normally. In winter, the freezing crack of laser tube cooling layer is not within the scope of laser machine replacement. In order to avoid unnecessary loss, please do it in the right way.

First, use air pump or air compressor and other auxiliary equipment to drain the water in the laser tube. Customers who use water chillers or water pumps can remove the water chillers or water pumps and put them in the room with high temperature to prevent the water circulation equipment from freezing and causing damage to parts such as water chillers and water pumps.

It is also important to note that do not add excessive antifreeze in the laser tube, tube cooling layer will affect the quality of light. For the laser tube, the higher the frequency, the more frequently the water should be changed. Otherwise, calcium, magnesium and other impurities in the purified water will adhere to the inner wall of the laser tube, affecting the laser energy. Therefore, it is important to change the water frequently and put it clean when not in use.

Cold water machine

The chiller is also one of the keys of laser equipment. In the cold winter, many users will think that the cold weather will not increase the water temperature by much. So often forget to change the water, especially in winter, because the outside temperature is very low, the spindle motor heat is difficult to feel out.

In addition, you can use antifreeze. It is generally composed of alcohol and water, requires high boiling and flash point, specific heat and conductivity, low temperature viscosity, not easy foaming, not corrosive metal parts, rubber hose. It is added to the water chiller tank of the laser equipment to prevent the cooling water from freezing, thus enabling the chiller to operate normally in the cold winter.

The above is in the winter about CO2 laser cutting machine antifreeze measures, in order to make their own laser equipment in the winter can better operation work, please users have a good grasp of relevant antifreeze knowledge.


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