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Instruction for use of co2 laser tube

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1) Please install laser tube according to the support position and direction marked on the laser tube body

2) Ensure the high voltage and low voltage conductors are reliable connected, and there is no sparing and discharging of the conductors

3) The principle of inlet water is adopted or low inlet and high outlet, the outlet of the laser tube is vertical and upward, and there is no bubble in it.

4) Keep the cooling water clean and clear, with proper flow rate, the water temperature is controlled at 5-35, and room temperature is not more than+/--5summer+ and winter-,and replace the cooling water regularly

5)  Please clean the laser mirrors(in the cooling) with cotton swab dipped with alcohol regularly, use after the alcohol is volatile

6) Select the approciate laser power and use it with the specified working current. No using in excessive current

7) The power laser and the cooling water flow and working current as follows

Power laser200W

Working Current≦30mA

The cooling water flow2.9L/min




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