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How to clean the100w co2 laser tube

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     When using a 100w co2 laser tube, it is best to use pure water to cool in order to extend the life of the 100w co2 laser tube. The high voltage of the co2 laser tube is extremely high, the pure water contains no impurities, and the high voltage end of the co2 laser tube does not generate current. If the co2 laser tube is cooled with tap water, it will cause scale for a long time, which sometimes affects the use of the laser tube. When the water of the laser tube is dirty, it is best to wash it with hydrofluoric acid. 

      Add appropriate amount of hydrofluoric acid to the water to let the water flow, and the dirt of the 100w laser tube will be cleaned. Of course, if the water is changed regularly, it will not produce too much dirt, which will help to clean the laser tube in the future.



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