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How to Choose High Quality stablity 30w 100w 150w CO2 jinghang laser tube manufacturer ?

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Shijiazhuang Jinghang laser tube Technology Co., ltd is a high-tech enterprise integrating laser tube research and development, production and sales, and is a professional manufacturer of CO2 laser tube. It mainly provides 30W-150W CO2 laser tube . With the continuous development of modern technology, Jinghang laser tube has higher and higher quality requirements for laser tube. How to choose high quality CO2 laser tube.  CO2 laser tube tube is a gas laser tube with CO gas as its working substance. Its structure is mainly composed of hard glass, resonant cavity and electrodes. The laser tube is the heart of laser tube machine, such as  laser tube cutting machine, marking machine, knife molding machine, bed cutting machine, etc., so its function cannot be underestimated. At present, various brands of CO2 laser tubes are flooding the market, mixed with good and evil people and dazzling people. What factors must be carefully considered when purchasing? How can we decide which brand is better? How do we choose the CO2 laser tube? 

 1, laser tubeproduct quality 

It is also a CO2 laser tube , and the quality of the product is also uneven due to the difference in the purchased parts, processing technology and design technical parameters. The product quality of laser tube mainly depends on laser tube power, spot quality, stability and service life. According to the different processing materials, users can choose laser tube tubes with different power sizes, laser tube with different performance, and laser tube  with different power. The quality of light spot is determined by many links in the production process, with different power and different size of light spot. The quality of light spot directly affects the user's performance. The stability of the laser tube is not good, and it is prone to air leakage, non-external cracking and other problems. As the laser tube is a consumable of processing equipment, its service life is the most important index for users to choose. 

 2, laser tube manufacturer's after-sales service 

The laser tube  of laser tube processing equipment is a consumable with a certain service life and needs to be replaced in time after it expires. If the laser tube processing equipment has quality problems or needs to be replaced during the warranty period, if the equipment manufacturer has certain strength, it can contact the supporting laser tube manufacturer to provide corresponding services. However, after the laser tube processing equipment has passed the warranty period, users will face the problem of purchasing laser tube on their own, which requires users to seek powerful laser tube manufacturers with after-sales service guarantee to ensure timely supply of consumables and normal production. Some users bought from some small factories at a very low price for the sake of being cheap. If the laser tube has a problem or needs to be replaced, they find that these manufacturers can not be contacted or disappear completely, wasting users' precious time and causing some trouble to users. Therefore, when purchasing laser tubes, we must cooperate with production enterprises with perfect after-sales service and certain strength. 

 3. After the laser tube  is purchased, the laser tube needs to be properly maintained to ensure its service life. First of all, the operating environment of laser tube processing equipment is good, and the power supply voltage should be kept stable. If the voltage fluctuation is too large, a regulated power supply should be configured. Secondly, the laser tube processing equipment should be placed stably and cannot work in the environment with large vibration and humidity ( humidity is easy to cause high-pressure sparking ); Thirdly, the laser tube current should not be too large and the light intensity should be reduced as much as possible under the condition of meeting the processing requirements and speed. Then, it is necessary to ensure that the laser tube has enough circulating water ( the temperature is 5 - 25 ℃ ), clean and free of sundries, and regularly replace the circulating water, * with deionized water; *, wipe the focusing lens irregularly to keep the focusing lens clean. 

  Shijiazhuang Jinghang laser tube Technology Co., ltd has many technicians in optical, mechanical and electrical fields, has dozens of patented technologies, and has a deep accumulation in industrial CO2 laser tubes and laser tube industrial application technologies. We have established long-term cooperative relations with many famous laser tube enterprises, universities and laser tube research units at home and abroad. Over the years, the company has relied on experienced research and development teams, advanced production equipment and strict quality control means to produce laser tubes with good stability, excellent beam quality, high power and long service life, which are widely used in advertising decoration, leather, clothing, furniture, packaging, sheet metal, knife molding and other industries and are favored by the majority of Chinese and foreign users.





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