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Home » News » Blog » Discuss the failure of 40w co2 laser tube

Discuss the failure of 40w co2 laser tube

Views:1     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-11-12      Origin:Site

The co2 laser tube is the core component of the laser engraving machine and laser engraving machine, and is made of glass material. The structure of the co2 laser tube is divided into three layers: discharge tube, water tube and air tube.           The three layers have different functions.

The discharge tube is illuminating, the water path is for cooling the discharge tube, and the air tube is filled with carbon dioxide mixed gas. The common faults of the co2 laser tube are: 1. The glass tube is broken 2. The quality of the co2 laser tube fitting is unqualified 3. The quality of the co2 laser tube fitting is qualified but the assembly is unqualified 4. The mixing gas of the co2 laser tube is unreasonable. These are common faults of co2 laser tubes, which need to be overcome by co2 laser tube manufacturers. If one of the details is not well mastered, it will cause co2 laser tube failure and affect customer efficiency. The 40W co2 laser tube is no exception.

This 40W power co2 laser tube is mainly used in laser engraving machines. Customers who buy laser engraving machines must pay attention to the quality level of the 40W laser tube equipped with the laser engraving machine, otherwise it will suffer.


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