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Different industry laser engraving machine purchase skills

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There are many kinds of laser engraving machine products on the market. There are machines imported from the whole machine. There are domestically designed and produced machines. There are imported parts assembled in China. There are professional engraving machines, professional marking machines and professional cutting. Machines, there are also machines with more than two functions, so how to buy?

1) After sales service:

The laser tube and reflective lens of the laser engraving machine are consumables, have a certain service life, and need to be replaced after expiration. This requires manufacturers to provide a strong after-sales service guarantee, and these supplies can be provided in a timely manner.

2) Product quality

The same is a laser engraving machine, the parts used are different, the following examples:


a) Stepper motor: It is related to the engraving precision of the laser engraving machine. Some manufacturers choose imported stepper motors, some are stepper motors of joint venture factories, and some are brand-name motors.

b) Laser lens: related to the power of laser engraving machine, divided into imported lens, domestic lens, domestic lens, which is divided into two types: imported material and domestic material. The price difference is very large, the effect and service life. The gap is also large.


c) Laser tube: This is the heart of the laser engraving machine. Because the price of imported laser tubes is expensive, it is generally tens of thousands of yuan, so most domestic laser engraving machines use domestic laser tubes. Domestic laser tubes are also uneven, and the price gap is very large. A good laser tube life is generally around 3,000 hours.


d) Mechanical assembly quality: In order to reduce the cost, some manufacturers use a very thin iron sheet to make the machine casing. The user generally does not see it, but after a long time, the frame will be deformed, which affects the engraving precision of the laser engraving machine. A good laser engraving machine should be framed, welded with high-quality steel, and made of high-quality cold-rolled steel to make the casing. When the user purchases the machine, it can be found whether the quality of the frame structure and the thickness and strength of the casing metal can be used.

3) The function of the machine:

Some people familiar with laser engraving machines lament that the current laser engraving machine configuration has increased so much, and the price has decreased compared with previous years. How gratifying it is. But some people immediately said, don't be caught by those glamorous external things. If the reliability and maintenance services are convenient and affordable, many new devices are not as good as the "oldest" in previous years. The author believes that users should pay more attention to the cost-effectiveness of laser engraving machines. The laser engraving machine with medium configuration and moderate price is our best choice. Many users have entered a misunderstanding and hope that the laser engraving machine they purchased is "all-round". Anything can be done, and everything can be done. This is actually a big mistake. Here's a description of the use of laser engraving machines:

a) Engraving rubber sheet for carton printing:


Most laser engraving machines can be used to engrave rubber sheets. You don't have to choose machines with many names and speeds, because you don't have a lot of functions. The carving speed is too fast, because carving Rubber board speed

The depth of engraving can't meet the printing needs. Recommendation: Buy a laser engraving machine suitable for engraving rubber sheets, which is cheap and has a fast return investment.

b) Carving crafts:

Most laser engraving machines can be used to engrave crafts, depending on the requirements:

Carved bamboo slips, wooden boards, small ornaments: choose small machines, such as 300X400 format, cheap, high precision carved wooden box, wine box: choose 500X700, 600x900 format machine, and have a lifting platform, otherwise the long wooden box will not Go in.

Carved bamboo tube, tea tube: Choose 500X700, 600x900 format machine, and have lifting platform, and equipped with rotary engraving device.

Engraving large woodblock prints: Choose a machine with a 600x900 format and require a lifting platform, and the machine can be used before and after the machine, so that the large-sized wood board can be easily used.

Making a New Year's card: Choose a 500X700, 600x900 format machine, and have a cutting platform, a machine that cuts fast, otherwise the edges of the paper are painted yellow.

c) cutting acrylic sheet

Most laser engraving machines can be used to cut acrylic sheets, but I recommend choosing a dedicated laser cutting machine because the laser cutting machine is optimized for laser cutting and the cutting effect is very good. If you still insist on buying a normal laser engraving machine, you must choose a laser engraving machine with a "knife" device. Remember: Do not believe that some manufacturers say 60w, 80w machine can cut 20mm thick acrylic, this is impossible, even if it can barely cut through, the cutting edge is terrible. Normal value:


The 60w laser engraving machine can cut 8-10mm acrylic.

The 80w laser engraving machine can cut 8-15mm acrylic.

d) clothing, leather carved cutting

Choose a laser engraving machine with a fast cutting speed and a honeycomb cutting platform

  to sum up:

When purchasing a laser engraving machine, you should select a model that meets both production tasks and cost savings according to its own production capacity and hardware facilities. At the same time, attention should be paid to the detailed performance and after-sales service of the equipment, and the processing effect of the equipment should be confirmed.




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