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Customer's answer to the 100w co2 laser tube problem

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         Yesterday, a customer of Yang Lou si asked me about a 100w co2 laser tube: Not long ago, the customer just bought a laser engraving machine with a 100w co2 laser tube, and once again wiped the laser lens, the customer It was found that the window lens of the laser tube had a crack, and the more the wipe, the larger the crack, the reason is whether the cleaning method is not correct. 

         I replied: It has nothing to do with the cleaning method, so that before the wiping, the window lens of the co2 laser tube has cracked. In the wiping, due to the external force, the crack is getting bigger and bigger. I give an example, like cutting glass, glass. There is a crack on it, and as you knock, the crack will lengthen. I recommend using anhydrous alcohol when wiping, not using medical alcohol, the content is too low, and moisture remains on the laser tube window lens, which affects the life of the laser tube

         At the same time, I suggest to buy a laser engraving machine, you can install the Jing Hang laser tube. After all, you have used our 2 years of laser tube, and have a certain understanding of the Jing Hang laser tube.


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