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Characteristics and Application of Sealed CO2 Laser Tube 100W-180W

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Detection Method of Sealed CO2 Laser Tube


In order to obtain high-power and high-quality laser beams to promote strong laser, Jinghang laser has been pursuing fundamental mode operation in its manufacture to provide high-quality beams. In order to avoid many factors such as optical axis misalignment of front and rear cavity mirrors and long-term deformation of discharge tube, many experiments have been carried out in the experiment to intuitively understand the basic mode characteristics of each laser. From early thermal imaging, laser ablation, linear scanning [ 1 - 4 ] to the current special laser mode analyzer, CCD is used to display the intensity distribution on the cross section of laser beam on the computer in two-dimensional or three-dimensional form, so that the spot mode change during laser operation can be observed on line in real time. The output mode of each CO2 laser is measured by using a high-power CO2 laser beam analyzer with a lens developed by Spiricon Company in the United States, and the mode changes under different working currents are measured, so that the influence of working parameters on the mode changes is clear, and the laser can work stably in the basic mode state.


Characteristics and Applications of CO2 Laser Tube


Sealed CO2 laser of Jinghang laser tube over 100W grade has the advantages of good beam quality, small volume, long service life and no need of air supply, which greatly facilitates application. It is mainly used in cutting, carving, marking, welding, laser die manufacturing of nonmetallic materials in the field of laser processing. In addition, the laser produced has also been widely used in the field of thin metal industry, and its economic benefits and market prospects have attracted much attention of the industry.




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