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CO2 laser marking machine laser tube details

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For CO2 laser marking machine, the quality and performance of laser tube directly affect the work efficiency of CO2 laser marking machine, which is one of the most important parts of CO2 laser marking machine. CO2 laser marking machine laser is usually made of hard glass, generally using layer sleeve structure. The inner layer is the discharge tube, the second layer is the water-cooled sleeve, and the outer layer is the air tube. Carbon dioxide laser discharge tube diameter than He-Ne laser tube. Generally speaking, the size of discharge tube has no influence on the output power. The tube is longer and thicker, and the laser tube is shorter and thinner. The discharge tubelength is proportional to the output power. Within a certain length range, the output power per meter of discharge tube length increases with the total length. The purpose of adding water cooling jacket is to cool the working gas and stabilize the output power.


1. Hard glass: this part is made of GG17 material fired into discharge tube, water cooling sleeve, air storage sleeve and return pipe. Sealed CO2 lasers are usually three - layer casing structures. The inner part is discharge tube, the middle part is water net sleeve, the outer part is gas storage sleeve, and the return pipe is used to connect discharge tube and storage pipe.


2. Resonator: this part is composed of a full laser mirror and an output laser mirror. The full mirror of the resonant cavity is generally based on optical glass, with the surface covered with gold film. The reflectivity of the gold film reflector near 10.6um is more than 98%. The output reflector of the resonator cavity is generally made of germanium (Ge), an infrared material that can transmit 10.6um radiation, as the base and on which a multilayer dielectric film is mounted.


3. Electrode: CO2 laser generally USES cold cathode, the shape is cylindrical, the choice of cathode material has a great impact on the life of the laser, the basic requirements for the cathode material are: low sputtering rate, small gas absorption.

The discharge tube is connected with the storage tube at both ends, that is, one end of the storage tubeis connected with the discharge tube through a small hole, and the other end is connected with the discharge tube through a spiral return tube. In this way, the gas can circulate and flow in the discharge tube and the storage tube, and the gas in the discharge tube can be exchanged at any time. Widely used in acrylic, plastic products and other non-metallic marking, carving; And the development of electroplating low carbon steel marking capacity. CO2 lasers are also used in automated systems on flexible circuit boards and diaphragm polyimides and polyester sheets for electronic instruments.




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