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Application of Jing Hang co2 laser tube in laser engraving machine

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        Jing Hang co2 laser tube is widely used in laser engraving machines. Laser engraving machines equipped with Jing Hang co2 laser tubes have been sold all over the world. After years of development in the laser processing industry, we have done business with many laser engraving machine manufacturers. I deeply feel that laser engraving machine manufacturers have a large gap in the control of co2 laser tubes

       Take the installation of co2 laser tubes, for example. Manufacturers of laser engraving machines do not consider the use conditions of the co2 laser tube at all, and some laser engraving machine support positions do not match the position of the fulcrum of the co2 laser tube. They also said, "Almost on the line." Make a good laser engraving machine. No matter how good Jing Hang Co2 laser tube meets such laser engraving machine manufacturers, how can they play a good engraving function?

        We would rather sell less laser tubes than deal with such laser engraving machine manufacturers. Follow Jing Hang co2 laser tube www.jhlasertube.com, pay attention to the laser industry!


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