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Analysis of the china glass co2 laser tube market

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          The 130w co2 laser tube is the mainstream in the laser processing market. The laser tube manufacturer now has the largest co2 laser tube that is the 130w co2 laser tube. The 130w laser tube basically tends to be stable in quality. If the laser tube manufacturer does not even do 130w co2 laser tube, it will not survive in this cruel market environment. The market trend is that more and more 150w co2 laser tubes, but in view of the fact that laser tube manufacturers can not stably produce 150w co2 laser tubes, laser engraving machine manufacturers are still afraid to deploy on a large scale, from the sales analysis of Jing Hang Laser Company, This is the laser tube manufacturer in the laser tube market, the quality of the 150w co2 laser tube is good, who is the right to speak, who is the winner of the market, and vice versa.

         Laser tube users in many laser processing industries, laser tube installation, laser tube maintenance, laser tube life, laser tube principle, laser tube failure, laser tube power, laser tube length, laser tube diameter, laser tube price, laser tube shelf life are not I understand that the development of this industry has yet to be seen. From this perspective, the laser tube market is still in its infancy, and the laser tube market will continue to develop over time. 

        Of course, by that time, those laser tube manufacturers will leave this market.


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