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80W 100W 130W 150W CO2 glass laser tube for laser machine life

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The life of 80W 100W 130W 150W CO2 glass laser tube for laser machine generally considered to be a mark of 10,000 hours. The factual use also confirms this statement. What are the factors that affect the service life?External factors, the general use of  80W 100W 130W 150W CO2 glass laser tube for laser machine very poor, dust and smoke are inevitable, the output lens and several mirrors are difficult to keep from being contaminated, so that the effect of increasing the output power guarantee becomes inevitable, long time super The rated current operation is also the factor that causes the 80W 100W 130W 150W CO2 glass laser tube for laser machine for laser machine  accelerate the loss. However, this factor is not the main factor. As long as the output lens does not cause damage to the film due to overheating of the adsorbed dust or the lens is cracked, it generally does not affect the life of the tube, so the life is mainly It is in the process of the tube.

       Internal factors, lens quality is an important factor, long-term high-power laser reflection, the quality of coated film is very important, even if the domestic approved enterprises, it is difficult to guarantee the consistency and stability of the quality of all batches of lenses of 80W 100W 130W 150W CO2 glass laser tube for laser machine, coating It is not good to have trachoma spots distributed on the surface of the lens, which is exposed to strong light, causing large areas of the film around the spot to be destroyed, which greatly affects the efficiency of the optical cavity. This can be confirmed by 20-inch loupe observation, which is clean and bright. The bad spots are distributed and the background of the bottom layer is covered with dust and sand. It is as starry as the universe in the evening. It is a star map, and the dust and sand puzzles are produced. If the film layer is not good, there will be phenomenon such as film peeling and layering. The film is also coated, and the plating is good. The cleaning is not damaged and bright for several times, and the film is scratched with a slight scratch.Electrode materials, electrode material selection has always been a headache, because long time working in high temperature, and in the flowing gas, it is inevitable that no point reaction occurs. Originally used nickel as electrode, we know pure nickel electric furnace wire made of silk is relatively resistant to high temperature and oxidation resistance for a long time, but it is basically eliminated now, because nickel reacts with carbon monoxide decomposed by carbon dioxide to form nickel bicarbonate, which changes the proportion of gas and affects the use. Life, of course, if you use gold foil to make the electrode, of course, but the price is not good, the price of the 80W 100W 130W 150W CO2 glass laser tube for laser machine is estimated to be several hundred dollars higher, not worth it. When the pipe was abolished, everyone had to take the pipe to take the gold, and it was enough to make jewelry. It was also very lively and funny. Various kinds of electrodes have emerged, such as oxidized first, gold-plated, silver-plated, titanium alloy, etc., when you remove all kinds of old tubes, you will find that some of the electrodes have hoarfrost on the surface. Some of the electrodes have black powder on the surface, discoloration, and so on. In short, no matter what reaction is produced, it is extremely unfavorable for the life. The gas in the tube is only about one-twentieth of the atmospheric pressure. It is very thin, and it can withstand consumption. Moreover, the powder of the floats on the lens, which will lead to accelerated aging of the lens, so the electrode is an important factor affecting the life. In fact, there are still many ways to solve the problem, such as material selection and processing, cooling process, etc. Incentive is another kind of craft, but the cost is higher, it is not as cheap and practical as high-voltage DC. Look at the imported 30-watt RF tube for more than 10,000 yuan.The shell-and-tube factor, the glass tube shell is too thin, may not be treated properly during the processing process, resulting in a local thinner, which increases the possibility of micro-leakage, which will inevitably lead to gas ratio change leading to premature aging of the tube. Scrap, so the thick pipe is relatively better, there is gas deposition from the pipe wall, gas is everywhere, there is a lot of gas in the water, the solid can also contain a lot of gas, so the processing has an evacuation and gas cleaning process, This process was not handled well, 80W 100W 130W 150W CO2 glass laser tube for laser machine was not pumped out, and the gas was gradually precipitated in the future, which was also very unfavorable for the life.

        Process factors, the cavity needs to be glued, especially the lens, the glue is not good, it will leak slightly, the lens will be slightly deformed due to the cold and heat, and the metal adjustment head is added at least double the sealing port, which is sure to seal the seal. Disadvantages, as well as the stress balance release of the adjustment screw will also cause the best position shift from the original adjustment. Generally, there is no adjustment head better than the adjustment head, water cooling is better than non-water cooling, and the adjustment head is only mass production. Good quality control, but the cost increase failure rate also increases, although good lens are almost no heat, but the adsorption of dust is not the same, the dust will be heated a lot of heat, no good heat is difficult to guarantee quality.





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