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300wco2 laser tube production process index

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      Jinghang Laser has completed the production task of 300wco2 laser tube. Since the middle of last year, Jinghang Laser has formulated the production task of 300wco2 laser tube. The first 300wco2 laser tube is still in service and everything is normal. Yesterday, Jinghang Laser completed the production of the second 300wco2 laser tube, and all technical indicators are better than the first.

     There are several important indicators of 300wco2 laser tube to measure the quality of 300wco2 laser tube;

1. Laser tube spot size

As we all know, the most rare technical index of the laser tube is the laser spot, not to mention the 300wco2 laser tube. The laser spot should be controlled within 7mm

2. Laser tube power

The maximum power of the 300wco2 laser tube should be 280w, and the power at 30 current should be 180w.

3. The service life of the laser tube

The service life of 300wco2 laser tube should not be less than 12 months


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