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100w co2 laser tube repair and after-sales method

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       100w co2 laser tube repair and after-sales are the concerns of every customer. Some unqualified co2 laser tube faults often occur, and the manufacturer of co2 laser tube can't detect it or even detect it, and it is not responsible to customers. For customers, the repair and after-sales of the co2 laser tube has become a problem that plagues customers. Other laser tube brands I have no way to talk about maintenance and after-sales, I can only talk about the after-sales link of our Jing Hang co2 laser tube.

There is no maintenance problem for the Jing Hang co2 laser tube. Our laser tubes are disposable. If they are broken, they will be thrown into the garbage. Our co2 laser tube is only after-sales service.

Our co2 laser tube must be tested for 2 hours before shipment, that is, on the platform, with a current of 30 mA for 2 hours, observe whether the power of the co2 laser tube is stable, cannot fluctuate up and down, look at co2 The roundness of the laser tube spot is not as round as that drawn by the compass, and can be shipped from the factory without any abnormality. During transportation, the co2 laser tube may be damaged by external force. When the customer is on the machine, the roundness of the co2 laser tube is first detected. If it is not round, it can be returned to the factory. This may damage the spot pattern due to transport shocks. The other problem is the specific problem of laser tube power attenuation, laser tube leakage, etc. in the use of co2 laser tube. This requires the company's quality inspection department to confirm, the laser tube is taken off the camera, and the company replenishes the product.

The after-sales process of the Co2 laser tube is very simple, and you are afraid that you will not encounter this situation.


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