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100w Co2 laser tube test method

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       The Co2 laser tube is a laser accessory consumable. The life of the co2 laser tube is usually no more than 2 years, and the replacement frequency is not high. We mainly talk about the test method of 100w co2 laser tube. What method is used to understand the quality of the 100w co2 laser tube?

      1, 100w co2 laser tube leak test

The laser tube power of the 100w co2 laser tube is detected immediately after the line is off. The qualified laser tube power should be: 20 mA current power 86w or so, 30 mA current power 100W or so, maximum current, maximum power 120w, and then placed for several days. Again, test the 100w co2 laser tube and compare it with the previous few days to see if there is any abnormality to judge whether it is leaking. Can also be judged by the color of the co2 laser tube, the company's website www.laser-jh.com www.jhlasertube.com has elaborated, not much to say here.

       2, 100w co2 laser tube power is qualified test

 If the power of the Co2 laser tube is off the line, it is qualified if it is the same as the above power, and it can be shipped.

       3, test the co2 laser tube spot, the point must be drawn as round with the compass, no side of the unqualified laser tube, can not be shipped.




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