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100w 130w 150w 180w 200w co2 laser tube and laser lens sales measures

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          The global epidemic situation is developing more and more violently nowadays, and there is a point where it is out of control. At present, how Jing Hang Laser can successfully overcome this difficulty is a problem I have to consider as the founder of the company. After several days and nights, combined with the actual situation of Jing Hang Laser's company, we decided to take the following Measures:

       1. Survival of an enterprise is a matter of urgency, and only by surviving can we live better

Jing Hang laser products are divided into two major systems: co2 laser tube and laser lens

These two products are the main or core laser accessories of laser equipment such as laser engraving machine, laser cutting machine, laser marking machine, laser engraving machine, laser embroidery machine and so on. The customer base of the two major products, co2 laser tubes and laser lenses, is the same. It is not difficult to increase marketing efforts and increase the number of customers. The types of Co2 laser tube are divided into 30w co2 laser tube, 40w co2 laser tube, 45w co2 laser tube, 50w co2 laser tube, 60w co2 laser tube, 70w co2 laser tube, 80w co2 laser tube, 100w co2 laser tube, 130w co2 laser Tube, 150w co2 laser tube, 180w co2 laser tube, 200w co2 laser tube. The 130w co2 laser tube, 150w co2 laser tube, 180w co2 laser tube, 200w co2 laser tube are the biggest advantages of Jing Hang laser, of course, the 130w co2 laser tube is the mainstream of the market, 150w co2 laser tube, 180w co2 laser tube, 200w co2 Laser tube is the development direction of the market. Which laser tube manufacturer can take the lead in guiding customers to upgrade, which laser tube manufacturer has obvious advantages in future competition, and who can take the heavy responsibility of guiding the market, only Jinghang Laser.

Laser lens products include zinc selenide focusing lenses, germanium focusing lenses, silicon reflecting lenses, molybdenum reflecting lenses, and k9 reflecting lenses. The advantages of Jinghang Laser in the market are the reputation of customers with high-quality laser lenses, low prices, and high cost performance. It has laid a good foundation for the further development of Jinghang Laser. It has established trust and contact with customers with laser lenses, and The business guides customers to use Jinghang laser tubes more, and strengthens the viscosity of customers to Jinghang lasers. Therefore, the focus of Jinghang Laser will be transferred to the sales of laser tubes and laser lenses.

        2. Fully recognize the position of Jinghang Laser in the market competition

After 7 years of development and growth, Jinghang Laser already has a place in the market. The export business of Jinghang Laser has been developed sufficiently strong. Without the epidemic, it has been able to normalize the development of Jinghang Laser and solved the survival problem. Under the epidemic, the foreign trade export business has been greatly affected, especially in the recent half Monthly impact is relatively serious, and it is imperative to increase the development of domestic business. Douyin, Baidu, Taobao, Alibaba and other platforms should be invested. These platforms should be used to promote Jinghang laser tubes and Jinghang laser lenses platform. Let customers continue to see the brand of Jinghang laser, improve the influence of Jinghang laser brand, and strengthen the position of Jinghang laser in the market competition.




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